Specialty Pins

This group of pins offers a step away from the standard pin. Now you can add a new dimension in the form of danglers, sliders, spinners, blinkers, glitter and bobble heads, just to name a few. These unique pins become highly prized by collectors because of the added uniqueness they have.

If it is a convention, grand opening, team presentation or brand recognition, these pins are the pin of choice.

The various styles are as listed below.

BlinkersBobble HeadsDanglersGlitterPuzzleSliderSpinners
Blinking LED Pins

This group of pins consists of the addition of minute battery powered coloured lights that continually blink when turned on. They can be used as eyes for animals or mascots or they can be placed all around the pin so they flash in sequence or a chain. They can be added to the center of the pin for awareness. They can blink at the beginning of a statement such as Leading The Pack! (With a flashing light under the exclamation mark) The use is endless but the result is astounding.

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